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Jul. 8th, 2012 10:16 pm
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Started watching Miranda from the beginning again.  Guys, I just love this show so much.

Like, even if I'm not laughing at an actual "joke," I just end up smiling the whole time.  A lot of people say that Liz Lemon is their spirit animal, but really, Miranda is mine.  I love her so very much, I really do.  (She was #9 on my Top 50 TV Characters list a while back.) 

One thing I noticed that I don't think I noticed before was a scene in the restaurant.  It opened with Gary playing air guitar, but when he heard someone coming, he ran and flung himself over the counter to turn off the music before anyone saw him - later that episode, Miranda was doing karaoke in her apartment with the Gary Vacuum, and when Stevie showed up, Miranda ran and hid the vacuum before Stevie could see. 

They are soulmates, you guys.  They are each other's lobsters.  My feeeeeeeels.

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I wrote this big long entry about how I haven't been able to write any fic in awhile, beyond a few crappy paragraphs here and there, but it was boring and whiny even to me.  I was rereading for typos before posting and I was like, shit, this is the epitome of no1curr.

So instead I am going to ask a fandom-nonspecific question, in the hope that the answers will help me figure something else out.  And, you know, be interesting to read besides.

What is your all-time favorite ship?  Why?  And what was the moment/scene/episode that made you feel really invested in that relationship?  And if you can't narrow it down to one, just write about two or three.  (But not, like, ten.  Commit, you wishy-washy girl.)  (Unless you're a boy.)  (Do any boys even read this?)

My pick! )
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[ profile] nhpw earned one fandom credit good for any fun pretty fandom thing, and she cashed it in on a shippy S2 wallpaper.  I made two versions, because I am always worried about not making what the requester actually wants.  ([ profile] ufgator1977 is shaking her head right now, muttering about shiny lights...)  So there's a blue watercolor-y fade-y version, and a straight-forward plain version. 

Wallpapers )

Day Three - What I Ate Today )
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Last night, after I'd already taken my contacts out and got ready for bed, I decided it would be a great idea to just watch a scene from "In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum" super quick and jot down some dialogue for the chapter I'm working on.  Then, of course, I had to watch a few scenes from "Confessions and Lamentations."  And then, obviously, a couple scenes from "Divided Loyalties."

So at the end of "Confessions," she's sobbing in his arms.  At the beginning of "Loyalties," they're meeting in front of the Universe Today stand all adorable and coy and with the glances and the standing very close.

Now, I don't know how much was written (I would kill for the script books, I can't even) and how much of that was just performance, but I wouldn't be surprised if the two of them just decided to play it like John and Delenn had slept together.  I'm not even joking.  That's how it plays for me; more that than a woman who just watched hundreds and hundreds of people die and a man who just escorted her back to her quarters.  And now I'm obviously curious as to what everyone else thinks.

(Also: plot bunny.  And I keep yelling at myself, "No new stories!  Work on the many many stories you have already started!")

Also, before I forget - for [ profile] ghanimasun, all the Photoshop resources I've saved over the years in two zipped files.  :D

Bases and Textures
Brushes, Light Effects, Gradients, Etc.
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This morning I put on eyeshadow and mascara before I remembered to put my contacts in.  Monday![Poll #1612594]Of course, all of this is contingent on me figuring out a plot, since right now I'm mostly only thinking about tiny adorable teenage John/Delenn kissyface.
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(Eee!  I made the semi-finals!)

I don't think there should be any surprise what my answer is.  (NB: I originally composed this for my blog; no one who reads over there has watched the show.)

There's always a boom tomorrow. Boom! )

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