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Ugh!  Why are they discontinuing the only Apple product I like!

Soooo, if you haven't heard, they are discontinuing the iPod Classic.  This is a disaster.  I have a ton of music, and I want to put all my music on my device, because I may not know what I want to listen to on any given day.  Some days it's classical - and some days it's a specific kind of classical.  Or it might be soundtracks, or new music, or music from high school and college, or oldies, or classic rock, or WHO KNOWS.  I NEED ALL THESE OPTIONS AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES.

I also like not having to charge my device every day/every other day.

I also like just being able to use a scroll wheel, instead of having to actually look at my device, unlock a screen, go through apps and programs, etc.


I mean, I have an iPod Classic, but it's about six years old, and who knows.  Anything could happen.  I could drop it tomorrow.  It could freeze and I might not be able to reboot it.  I could spill coffee on it.  (That has the greatest likelihood.)  The little port for the plug-in might get a little bent thing in it or something.  ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN.

So I needed to buy another one.  But it's not available to just buy online because reasons, and my local stores don't have any available, so I just bought one to pick up in-store at a Target like an hour away and it says my order went through but I will not believe it until I get my confirmation "your item is ready to pick up!" email and even then I will need to have it in my hands.


I hate you, Apple.


ETA 2: Okay it's available and ready for pick up at the other location, which is even farther away.  Blessings on that Target's family, blessings on that Target's cow.
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What happened with the Oscar nominations?  I mean seriously, what happened?
  • Bigelow and Affleck both get snubbed in Direction.
  • I mean the Director lineup just in general.  Fuck David O'Russell.
  • Moonrise Kingdom doesn't get a Picture nomination.
  • No Looper in Screenplay.
  • No John Hawkes in Actor.
  • Where the actual fuck did Jacki Weaver come from?  I didn't really think Ann Dowd would get in, but no Ann Dowd and Jacki Weaver instead?
  • This isn't a surprise, because everyone knew Alan Arkin would get in, but he would have been the third most interesting supporting performance in Argo, under Bryan Cranston and John Goodman.
  • I literally cannot with Editing.
  • No Hobbit for Costume?  (But Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman make it in.)  Or for Sound Editing?  Or Sound Mixing?  (Lincoln for Mixing?  Really?  Really.)  No nomination for "Song of the Lonely Mountain?"
  • And where are The Avengers' Sound nominations?  Oh right, there are none.
  • I literally cannot with Documentary Feature, but I knew that when the first short-list was announced.
  • Hitchcock for Makeup over Lincoln?  Anthony Hopkins literally looked like he was melting.
  • I fundamentally do not understand Life of Pi getting nominated for Production Design.
Bright spots:
  • Christoph Waltz.
I have seriously like been seething this whole morning.  These are the worst.  THE WORST.

In conclusion, GPOY:
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Dear parents who have chosen not to vaccinate your children:

Thank you. No, really. Thank you for choosing to believe one single study, that has since been discredited and its author stripped of his medical license, over every other medical professional's opinion. Thank you for watching a segment on the Today Show and basing your decisions on that eight-minute stretch. Thank you for reading Jenny McCarthy's book and thinking, "Yeah, she's onto something."

Thank you for dragging your sick children out into public, as well. That's a vital part of this whole equation.

Thank you for all of that, because I probably have whooping cough. WHOOPING COUGH. A disease that was practically non-existent in this country because enough people were vaccinated against it, keeping those who weren't (me, as a baby, because I had a horrific reaction to the shot) safe through herd immunity. Thank you for destroying the entire concept of herd immunity. Thank you for making idiotic decisions that not only threaten the life of your own children, but also the lives of all the people your children come into contact with.


Sorry.  Just had a coughing fit. At least this time I didn't run out of breath or start wheezing or get dizzy or vomit because of it.

Anyway, XOXO. Yeah.
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...just demonstrates how stupid and out of touch these people are.  From this article, some idiot who doesn't understand how causation actually works says that "digital music sales rose after file sharing service Limewire's shutdown in 2010."  First of all, who the hell was still using Limewire in 2010?  But second of all, how on earth could you say that one led to the other?  This is like that whole sea piracy/global warming thing.  "Collectively, this evidence strongly suggests that the shutdown of illegal sites helps create a thriving and diverse digital marketplace."

No.  What it does is force new alternatives.  Napster gives way to Kazaa that gives way to Limewire that gives way to torrents and from there to Megaupload and its ilk, and now that the direct download sites are under attack, something new will pop up.  Why?

BECAUSE I DO NOT BUY SHIT IF I DON'T KNOW IF I LIKE IT OR NOT.  I don't know why this is so hard for these people to understand.  I am not just going to buy a DVD or a CD without having seen or heard it first.  I don't have the money to throw around on a whim, and most other people don't, either.  I've purchased things I never would have without downloading them first, because I never would have known those things existed.  When was the last time you heard Gogol Bordello on the radio?  Exactly.  But I have four of their CDs and have gone to two concerts, and I guarantee you I never would have even known about them at all if I hadn't been exposed to their music online.

Also, I rarely buy books.  I read them for free from the library.  How come no one's shutting down the libraries?  What's the difference, really? 

If I had to actually purchase all the media I consume then I simply wouldn't consume much at all.  That's what these imbeciles don't get.  I have a finite amount of money.  I'm not just going to magically have more because you shut off my access to popular culture.  If the only way I can listen to that song that I'm so-so on is to buy it then I just won't buy it.  I don't download movies, so if something comes out and it doesn't excite me enough to go out to the theaters, then I just fucking wait till I can watch it for free when the library buys the DVD.  The end.  I don't even Redbox that shit.  BECAUSE I CANNOT AFFORD TO BUY ALL MY ENTERTAINMENT.  Sorry, media.  Sorry, studio execs and producers and everyone else.  That's just the way it is.

They act like it's a zero-sum game and it's not.  If I download an episode of American Horror Story because I missed it and I'm so far behind the episodes aren't up on Hulu anymore, I haven't stolen anything.  Nothing is missing.  I already missed the live airing so I'm not counting in the ratings anyway and whether I watch it six weeks later will have no impact on their ad sales.  But if I have the chance to go ahead and watch it by downloading it?  I might end up buying it when it comes out on DVD.  I certainly won't buy it sight unseen, that's for damn sure.  I don't know why they can't see this fact.  It's not that hard to figure out.

(I have been thinking countless iterations of this rant since last week.  Reading that article finally put me over the edge.)
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I had a horrible night's sleep last night.  Hooooooorrible.  It began at dinner, when I came home from work and espied a brand new two-liter of Dr. Pepper.  I couldn't remember the last time I'd had any Dr. Pepper.  The two-liter saw me looking at it and started dancing, very slowly and seductively, the saucy little thing.  "Dr. Pepppppppperrrrr," it sang.  "I'm Dr. Peppppperrrrrr."  So I had a single glass, and while it was very delicious, when you really don't drink pop at all anymore, and it's too fucking hot for coffee, a single glass of anything with caffeine, especially at 6:30 pm, is maybe not the best.

But even that could have been overcome, if someone on my street hadn't decided to go out at midnight and turn on their car radio to KDCK, Loud and Thumpy FM.  And then, like, IDK, chill in their driveway with a Michelob or something.  What are you gonna do, it's Kansas.  So I'm lying in bed, doing that stubborn thing where you yell at your own brain in a stentorian Satan voice.  "GO TO SLEEP.  JUST IGNORE IT AND GO TO SLEEP.  YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP AT AN EARLY GROWN-UP TIME FOR WORK.  SLEEEEEEP!" 

After about half an hour of this, I decide to investigate.  I tiptoe down to the front door and look through the peephole.  The porch light is off, so I basically see nothing at all.  My thought process goes like this:  I can turn on the light, but all I'm doing is heralding my presence to anyone outside.  I can continue to stand here and look through a peephole into blackness.  If I turn on the light, though, the monsters will know I'm here.  But I can't see shit.

I decide to flip on the light, there are no monsters on my front step, so I open the door and listen, which means that I stare really hard into the night with a stupid look on my face.  At this precise moment, there is no thumpy.  I listen and listen, and I imagine whoever it is to be sitting in their car - or, more likely, crouched behind it, probably nefariously - taking a swig of Michelob, laughing and laughing, maybe pointing a little.  I lock back up and toddle off to bed.  A few seconds of triumph.  I showed them!  I turned on my porch light for 1.7 seconds!  They know I mean business.

Five minutes later, the thumpy has returned.  I just laid there and dealt with it, and eventually must have fallen asleep, though I do not remember it.  I only remember waking up with an audible "FNNNNNFFAAAAFFFRRR" and groping my way out of bed and running into shit as I walked down the hallway.  A glance in the mirror confirmed that yes, I will look like Momma from Throw Momma From the Train all day.  My hair is doing....something, my face is sort of pallid and eye-baggy and fuzzy and hazzled (I made that word up just now, it sounds right), and I'm definitely like eighteen inches shorter.  I'm sitting on the computer, peering at the monitor with squinched-up eyes because the thought of putting my contacts in is horrifying, I need to start getting ready now but I'm too tired to put on clothes, the thought of breakfast is making me urg, and a dog is requesting me to please provide him with sustenance, ma'am, oh please, am I not the best dog, do I not guard your every footfall, and I am now realizing that when I ran into aforementioned shit while wobbling down the hallway at top speed, I stubbed my toe and broke the absolute fuckery out of my nail. 

Yes.  An asspicious start.
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It is hot as balls around here.  I know a lot of other people are under heat advisories now, so you know of what I speak.  (Not a word, Noelle.  Not a single word.)  I pretty much have no desire to live.  I wake up every morning with all of these plans and all of these things I want to accomplish, and by the time I get home from work all I want to know is go into stand-by mode and lie down in a cool place.  Like yesterday - I was going to write!  Watch this movie a coworker lent me!  Work on Latin!  Clean my computer room!  What did I do?  I laid in bed, in my jim-jams, for four solid hours reading.  Which, don't get me wrong, reading is nice, but still.  I felt like I wasted my day off.

I am also super-tired of summer reading at work.  STOP READING BOOKS, KIDS.  I DO NOT WANT TO CHECK THEM IN ANYMORE.

As far as my writing goes, I'm having a problem with having way too many irons in the fire.  I'm writing, I just can't manage to get anything done.  I have two old B5 series languishing, my [livejournal.com profile] het_bigbang, this BSG/B5 crossover, [livejournal.com profile] tron20in20, another Tron series, my novel that I've kinda stalled on, and then this weekend I decided to start a new screenplay.  HALP.  

I have a bazillionty tabs open - I check my flist, open up all the posts I intend to read and comment on, and by the time I get done opening them all up I'm tired and ready for bed, or it's time to go to work.  I need to ask Gwyneth Paltrow for tips on how best to curate my social media.  I also need to copy/paste all the fic I have waiting and stick it on my ereader - that worked well the previous times I did it, in terms of finally getting stuff read.  I'm finding I have a shorter attention span when it comes to reading things on my computer. 

ANYWAY, now I'm off to bed, leaving a few more tabs open in the meantime.  Fnar.
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I hate when I'm trying to find pictures of an actor and all I can find is an official website.  OFFICIAL WEBSITES ARE LAME.  Why don't you have a fansite, actor?  I want access to EVERY PICTURE OF YOU EVER TAKEN. 

Grr argh how am I supposed to recast Battlestar Galactica dealing with this kind of nonsense.
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I hate sewing!  I hate sewing!

Stupid sewing machine doesn't work!

I can never miter corners cleanly!

Stupid fucking bobbin I hate you!

Ripping stitches goddamnit!

I hate sewing!
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1.  Yes, it is cold outside.  Yes, it is very windy.  No, I don't really want to park a long ways away from the entrance to the store and hoof it, either.  But you know what, buddy?  Ball up and park in a parking space.  The curb in front of the store is not a parking space.  I don't care if you're just getting a coffee really quick, or if you're just grabbing a gallon of milk, or what.  Park your car.  There were FIVE cars doing this when I drove up to Target today; four were SUVs.  I'm just saying.

2.  Remember when I said it was cold and windy outside?  You sir, with your three-month-old baby, are an idiot.  You are worse than an idiot, you may actually be a neglectful parent.  Why are you taking an infant outside when the infant has NONE of the following: a coat, a hat, a blanket covering his/her face.  That baby was in the carrier just wearing a shirt and pants.  That was it.  Maybe you're a "real man" and don't need anything other than a jacket, but when it's this cold out, you either make sure your child is adequately covered or you don't bring the child out.  No excuses.

3.  When I buy something a month in advance for a holiday craft project but now I can't find it so I get to go up to Walmart during the two-week pre-Christmas danger zone.  FFFFUUUU.

4. Just because you are buying Christmas presents does not mean you are allowed to ram my cart out of the way while I'm still putting my change away.  What is wrong with you.
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Thursday - that's four days ago now - [livejournal.com profile] nhpw told me that Tron (1982) was up on YouTube.  Now, I have not seen Tron since I was a tiny little kid.  I don't actually remember anything about it.  I have been trying to watch Tron since June - right around the time I got obsessed really into Babylon 5 and wanted to see more of Bruce Boxleitner.  So, as you can imagine, I was pretty excited.

I was even more excited when I clicked the link and saw that it was a really, really high quality upload.  I decided to download the movie from YouTube.  First of all, I was afraid it would get yanked, and I didn't want to risk missing it now that it was so close.  Second, I didn't want to watch it on my crappy old computer monitor.  No, I would convert the mp4s to AVIs, merge them into one file, and watch the movie on my nice big actual TV.

Thursday I downloaded.  Friday I converted.  Friday night!  Tron night!  A night for which to watch Tron!  Except...I couldn't get the mp4s to convert.  And when I finally did, I couldn't get the files to merge.  It's now Saturday.  I'm still working on it.  Reading FAQs.  Downloading new programs.  Finally my sister asks why I don't just download the movie from megaupload or something.  That is a great idea!  Why I have never thought of this!

So I did.  A great big AVI file.  It was shiny.  Happy, beaming, maybe crying a little, I burned it onto a DVD and pranced to the TV.  I loaded the DVD.  It...did not play.  

Hmm.  So I downloaded another one.  This time I just put it on a flash drive - make sure it works first.  I was troubled when a prompt came up telling me that some file properties couldn't be transferred, but I was still hopeful at this point.  But no.  It didn't play, either.

Sunday morning...

The third time's the charm. )
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I think I'm over Thanksgiving.

I mean, it was never my favorite holiday by a long-shot.  I mostly appreciated it as a break from school.  But the last few years I have become more and more disenchanted with the day.  I mean, is it really a holiday?  Is it?  Every other holiday, in addition to the big meal, has something else associated with it.  Christmas has presents!  Halloween has candy and ghosts!  Valentine's Day has flowers and chocolates and SadFM!  St. Patrick's Day has booze!  Hell, Arbor Day has trees.  But Thanksgiving?  Has a big meal and a contractually obligated sense of shame and guilt for not feeling more thankful the rest of the time, especially when you're sitting there trying to think of something you are actually thankful for and all you can come up with is your new pair of fluffy winter socks.

My Thoughts on Thanksgiving )
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Caprica got canceled.  They're not showing the rest of the episodes until next year.

I am like legit depressed right now.

Why do the networks never understand that it's worth hanging onto really good shows that may not get the best ratings? Because they pay off in different ways? SyFy, you're not going to get critical acclaim for any of your other shows, sorry to say.

Also, maybe its audience didn't pick up because you took it off the air for seven months and never advertised it. I DON'T KNOW, MAYBE THAT'S IT. It reminds me of that rant David Cross did when Arrested Development's ratings dropped and FOX was talking shit about the show. Paraphrased, "If you've got a show that's making top ten lists, winning motherfucking Emmys, and you can't market that show? Maybe the fault doesn't lie in the show. Maybe the fault lies in marketing. Thank you."
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Started drafting on our new slimmed-down, one-hour TV pilot for Scriptapalooza.  My writing partner is doing the teaser and acts one and two, and I'm doing acts three and four.  Beginning to draft, for me, is always the hardest part.  Researching, writing the treatment, working out the structure, doing the beat outline, editing, revising, polishing - those are the writing parts I like.  Drafting?  HARD.  (I'm sure this is no different for anyone else.)  Like, what are my ins and outs for each scene?  Do I have the right setting?  Am I finding the most expedient way to move the plot forward, advance character, convey any necessary exposition without making it seem like exposition - all at the same time?  Is my dialogue in character?  How's the pacing?  Are these scenes in the right order?  Ugh.  Sometimes I just feel like I have the movie/episode all up in my head already, and if I could just download it... Now, I know that the actual process of writing means I discover things that I never would have thought of otherwise, and once I get into it it feels great and I like it.  Like, drafting after page ten usually goes well.  But those first few days, those are the ones that are rough, that I tend to put off.  Which is why it's great we have a deadline, because I can't procrastinate at all.

Still, this is one of the reasons why I draft longhand and leave my house to do so.  No frakking around on the computer, no spider solitaire, no organizing my files.  No "I'll just watch this episode of TV...as research."  Just get out of the house and write.

So, last night I'm at the library, and back at the A/V counter they have a trivia question up each day.  If you know the answer, you get, like, a Starburst or something.  It's fun.  I was waiting in line, and while the employee was unlocking the DVD cases, the woman in front of me turned and asked if I knew the answer to the question - "Who founded the Sundance Film Festival in 1978?"  I told her the answer - Robert Redford.  She asked, "Why is Sundance important?"  So I started to answer - "It was one of the first ways for independent filmmakers to have an opportunity to present their work and potentially find a larger audience--"

And then the A/V employee, a young man probably around my age, turned around and talked right over me.  "Sundance was one of the first festivals that exhibited independent films.  Studios could buy them and distribute them, and that wouldn't have been possible before."  And the woman in front of me nodded, smiled at him, took her movies, and left.

I mutely gave the man my DVDs and card, waited for him to unlock them and check them out, and walked away.  I didn't make any small talk like I usually do, and I certainly didn't answer the question.  And as much as I would have liked to say something, I knew there was no point.  Sure, you could probably say he didn't even realize he had done it, and that calling someone on that is the only way they'll learn, but I did not have the patience for it right then.  But if I had decided to say something?  Here's what I would have said:

"Buddy, I studied film at USC.  My professors included Leonard Maltin, Tom Holman, Todd Boyd, and Drew Casper.  I actually worked on a documentary short that played independent festivals.  DO NOT MANSPLAIN SUNDANCE TO ME."

(Now, if you're saying to yourself, "Jeez, Shannon sounds a little full of herself there," don't.  I'm working as a substitute teacher.  I'm $45,000 in debt and had to move back in with my parents.  I drive a 1994 Plymouth Voyager, for Christ's sake.  But goddamnit, I know about movies.)

(I kind of feel like Sigourney Weaver in Galaxy Quest, when Tim Allen yells at her to stop repeating everything the computer says.  "I have one job on this ship, and it's stupid, but I'm gonna do it!")

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