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I started working on the next chapter of Metamorphoses today!  I posted the last chapter in September of 2010.  I'm pretty sure I'm officially the worst.  I had to reread the whole thing myself to remember what I was doing with it, whooooops.

Anyway, I was trying to keep it canon, but in thinking about how I wanted to end it, I found myself having a bit of a dilemma.  So I'm just going to throw some questions out to the crowd.

If you're reading a canon-compliant WIP and it turns non-canon-compliant, does this bug you?  More specifically, with regards to John/Delenn, do you view their kiss at the end of "And the Rock Cried Out..." to be their actual first kiss, or just the first one we were shown?

Probably showing my hand there, but I am genuinely curious. 
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1. How long does a member of the Grey Council serve?  Is it for life?

2. In what episode does Delenn tell the story about getting lost and having, like, Valen or something chill with her in a temple?  (I know she's telling the story to someone, but I'm pretty sure it's not John, and beyond that, I have no memory of this place of this scene.

Truthful Admissions: Sometimes when I'm getting stuck on a fairly minor point of canon, I just change what I'm writing instead of hunt the information down, or if I do hunt it down and it's contrary to what I had thought.  But not in this case.

ETA: All questions answered!
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Off the top of your head, does anyone know the episode(s) Delenn talks about the prophecy that leads her to believe she's supposed to go through the Chrysalis, and that right soon?  I poked around the Lurker's Guide earlier but since that site isn't great with actual plot summaries I did not find what I was looking for.  I'm pretty sure it's last S1, obviously, but I'd like to rewatch those scenes before I write something.
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I saw a picture not too long ago, a cap from the show.  At least I'm pretty sure it was a cap and not a publicity still.  Anyway, it was Delenn in profile sitting at the table in the wardroom in her green/brown dress.  She was on the edge of her chair leaning forward with a hand to her chin.  I'd REALLY like to have that cap for a picspam I'm working on, but I have no idea where that picture was (and I have no idea why I didn't save it) or what episode it's from.  Is it ringing a bell for anyone?

Here it is!  Mila knew exactly what I was talking about; four for Mila.

Does anyone know the actual episode so I can cap it myself?  Looks like late S4.  ALL OF MY QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED.

In other B5 fandom news, I am trucking along on the next chapter of Alma Mater.  In doing the WIP meme, I found that I had written about 1000 words on Chapter Nine before just abandoning it.  When did I post Chapter Eight?  In February of 2011.  :|  So THAT'S a horrible thing to do with a WIP, for real.  My goal is to finish it up this weekend to have ready to post next week - we'll see how it goes.  I'm really happy with it so far, and had an apostrophe epiphany while writing about how to make the climax more exciting and more thematically-relevant, as well as tie it all in better with the high school AU theme.

(Sometimes I think about how I am not only writing a high school AU, I am writing an epic novel-length high school AU, and I just have a "look at your life, look at your choices" moment.)
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I'm fixing to start a new writing project - a pilot.  I should write one every year, and I think I'm going to use the idea I came up with for [livejournal.com profile] tvrealm's Create a Show challenge for this year.

So here's my question: what do you look for in a pilot?  What are the things that get you to sit down a try out a new show?  What has to go right for you to tune in the next week?  What goes wrong that makes you decide to spend your time on something else?  What are your favorite pilots, and what did you love about them?  Conversely, what are your least favorite pilots, and what turned you off?

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Everyone's invited - even and especially those who haven't looked at a single word of my screenplay.  Because the first thing anyone looks at is the title, and it will help shape preconceptions, make you decide if you want to read or not, etc.

What you need to know: it's a vampire movie set in 18th century Romania.  It's more about creepy and atmosphere than it is about shocks and gore.  So I've got some ideas, and if you want to throw something in the pot, please do so.  Because I am horrible at coming up with titles and it is now T-minus one month and I'm starting to freak out.

Ideas for Titles. )
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Today I shall commence the beginning of the first part of my second draft of my vampire screenplay.  Well, that's a lie; I've finished the first part, which is going over the first draft with a fine toothed comb, as well as collating everyone's notes.  So I guess I have commenced the beginning, and shall now begin the commencement of the rest of the first part of the second draft - the revision manifesto, and a new outline.  ("Revision manifesto" sounds all fancy, but it's basically just a brief document to help me keep in mind the larger goals I have when writing, the things it came be easy to lose when you're in the middle of some individual scene and are worrying about the difference between two synonyms.)

Anyway, one thing I want to work on, as per my manifesto, is really nailing all the little scary moments early on.  I am not doing blood and gore, but more psychological horror.  This is where you guys come in.

Question: What scares you?  I don't mean things that are real and could actually harm you - like sharks, or heights - and I don't mean existential things - like what happens after death.  I mean, what little creepy things happen, in real life or in the movies, that freaks you out?  That even if you rationally and objectively think about it and know it isn't real or isn't scary, still gets to you?

You don't have to pick just one! 
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What are people's thoughts on Real Person Fiction?  Have you read any of it?  Does the very idea of RPF squick you out?  Do you think less of a writer who tries her hand at RPF?  Is there some RPF pairing you would want to read or even write but don't?  Do you have an unabashed love of RPF (and don't care who frakking knows)?

I'm not saying yet why I'm asking!  But I am curious.

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