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Soooooo remember how I said to myself, "Self," I said, "do you think you can write approximately seventy pages this week?" last week?  And how I responded, "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED"?


I did write twelve whole pages, though!  Which means that for the dual May 1 deadlines for Nicholl and Page, I only need to write an estimated FIFTY-EIGHT PAGES.  That breaks down to a little less than five pages a day!  I can totally do that. 


So because it proved to be such a great motivator the last two times I did NaScreeWriMo, I'm going to post daily page count totals.  YES I KNOW THAT NONE OF YOU CARE (EXCEPT MARTINE LOLOLOL, I ALREADY HAVE A TAG FOR THAT), but I am going to do it anyway. 

Here, have a parakeet eating some chocolate. )
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The Orphan Queen: 49431 words --> Daily Total: 2054 words

So I almost did it.  By the time I got home last night, though, I was tired and just didn't care enough to write any more just to meet some random arbitrary goal.  Close enough!

Monthly Totals
The Orphan Queen: 29,377 words
The Fall: 24 pages
Screenwriting Contest: 15 pages
Some Passing Shadow: 8 pages

In the future, I think I might log my monthly writing totals in the same way I post my monthly new media intake, knowing full well that it's mostly just for my own archival purposes.  All told, though, I think I did pretty good this month!  And even though there were a few days I only wrote a paragraph or so, I did write something every single day.  And it wasn't horrible or a strain or anything!  So I don't think there's any reason I can't continue to do that as much as possible in the future.

Thanks for reading everyone, and again, my apologies for spamming your flist for a month with data, data, data.
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The Orphan Queen: 47377 words --> Daily Total: 1323 words

Can I write 2623 words today?  Stay tuned!

Announcing a new and amazing landcomm, unlike all other landcomms.  It's called...

Anything Goes is an interactive community with games, puzzles, challenges, and more!
Apply Today!
Phase 1 starts January 1st, but teams are being formed now.

Created by the awesome [livejournal.com profile] naushika, it's going to be kah-razzy.  Fandoms of any kind are not a prerequisite.  It's just going to be a super-duper huge amount of fun.  I asked Ron Swanson what he thought about [livejournal.com profile] ohanythinggoes, and he said the following:
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The Orphan Queen: 44811 words --> Daily Total: 2733 words
Some Passing Shadow: (this is my zombie screenplay, previously unnamed) 6 pages --> Daily Total: 6 pages

Like a boss.  LIKE A BOSS.  Part of that might be attributable to the two venti coffees I had at Starbucks yesterday.  They might also be the reason I was up till midnight writing 2000 words of fanfiction.  Wheeeeeee caffeiiiiiiiiine!
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The Orphan Queen: 39898 words --> Daily Total: 765 words

The Orphan Queen: 42078 words --> Daily Total: 2180 words

I'm giving myself the completely unrealistic goal of breaking 50k by the end of the month.  I mean, it's 2000 words a day for the next four days, so not totally undoable, but I know it's likely not to happen.  Still, goals are good in terms of motivation, regardless of whether you actually succeed.  (As long as not meeting arbitrary goals doesn't crush you, that is.)

Off to write at Starbucks!  Hopefully it won't be too busy.  Sundays are a total crapshoot.
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The Orphan Queen: 36973 words --> Daily Total: 183 words

The Orphan Queen: 37082 words --> Daily Total: 109 words
The Fall: 24 pages --> Daily Total: <1 page

The Orphan Queen: 39133 words --> Daily Total: 2051 words

I finally had a breakthrough!  So that was exciting.  It wasn't writer's block so much as writer's ennui, which always happens.  You just have to power through it.

Thanksgiving was fine, if eh.  It's like my least favorite of all the major holidays, mostly because it doesn't even feel like a holiday.  I finally had to turn off the TV last night because all of the Black Friday ads were making me queasy.  So I came down, snuggled down in my writing armchair, and wrote for about two hours, and it was quite lovely.  Also lovely yesterday was the extraordinary weather; we went for a walk at the park after eating, and it was much, much better than lounging around watching football no one cares about feeling bilious, or taking a nap.

My goal today is to finish the chapter I'm working on, then finish the act I'm on in The Fall.  I want to finish the craft project I'm in the middle of, and maybe clean out my car.  (I say I'm going to clean out my car every weekend, LOL.)  I most definitely do not plan on going anywhere or shopping or any of that.  I might see if there are any good online deals, but I doubt it.

At approximately 1pm, I am going to make some hot chocolate.
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The Orphan Queen: 35790 words --> Daily Total: 213 words

Yeaaaaah.  I have no excuse to offer, either. 

The Orphan Queen: 36021 words --> Daily Total: 231 words
The Fall: 24 pages --> Daily Total: 1 page

LOLOL.  Okay, it's not an excuse, but I at least know what my problem is.  I'm in the middle of a real bitch of a scene.  It's one of those where four or five things are all happening simultaneously, where everything builds and builds and then comes together at the end.  It's a Turning Point scene in a lot of respects, and it's tough as shit to juggle.  And, I'm finding, especially more so in prose.  In screenwriting format, you can direct the reader's attention simply by what you choose to write and from what POV.  It's perfectly acceptable to just skip something and not show it "on-screen" to achieve a desired effect, as long as you're not continually abusing that or letting it introduce plot holes.  So anyway, I'm struggling with it.  Those less than 500 words in two days represent about five hours of writing, believe it or not. 

Sigh.  But onward and upward!
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The Orphan Queen: 35577 words -->  Daily Total: 1144 words
The Fall: 23 pages --> Daily Total: 5 pages

And I wrote 2000 words of fanfic yesterday, too.  And I watched Captain America!  Aaaaaand that was it.  That was my whole day.  Woooooooo it was actually quite lovely.  I'm glad I didn't tell myself that I couldn't write fanfic at all this month, just that I wasn't counting those for daily totals, because I very much enjoyed writing something that was more "for fun" the last few days.
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The Orphan Queen: 34433 words --> Daily Total: 804 words

Though I did manage to write 4000 words of fanfiction yesterday.  :/  It's okay, I was pleased with my progress yesterday.  I reached a section where I needed to outline the genealogy and reigns of the emperors in my alternate timeline, and that took a fair bit of research and calculating.  (Seriously, like an hour with eighteen Wikipedia articles open, the calculator, and a dozen Post-it notes.)  I plan to get a lot done today, because it's buy-one-get-one-free holiday drinks at Starbucks! 
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The Fall: 15 pages --> Daily Total: 3 pages
Screenwriting Contest: incorporated workshop edits --> no page count difference

And I got my flu shot, too!  I don't know why I'm having such a hard time starting the two actual screenplays, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to go up to Starbucks one day this weekend and just really buckle down to get over that first hump.  Which is especially weird since I have the first ten pages on one of them.  Am just stuck, though.  Not in a "I don't know what to write" way, but in a "I would rather do pretty much anything else" way.

A couple people commented on the previous entry that they were sorry they hadn't been commenting all along.  Please feel no obligation to comment!  Or to read!  I know these aren't the most scintillating posts in the whole world, and I have no problem if everyone wants to scroll right by.  When I tag these #no one cares, I don't mean to imply you don't care about me or pose it in some kind of passive-aggressive way or anything like that.  I just mean, like, I'm pretty sure no one cares.  I kind of don't care.  So if you care in the like abstract "I hope Shannon's writing is going well" way, then that's awesome, but if you don't care about how many words I wrote yesterday...well, I think that's just normal.  So no worries, my friends, no worries.
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The Orphan Queen: 32908 words --> Daily Total: 1251 words

I almost didn't write yesterday.  I was just feeling really blah at work, and I read Sherlock Holmes instead.  When I came home, my Gamps was out for dinner, and we watched like three episodes of Storage Wars.  Then I read about Penn State (why, I don't know, since it just makes me so angry that I end up just ranting to the empty room), and then I watched the first half of the KU-Kentucky game.  (KU lost, I am Not Happy at all, especially since we do the same dumb shit every year.  Why is Coach Self incapable of getting these guys to throw clean passes and get offensive rebounds?  Why do we have a point guard every year who just runs pell-mell down for the paint, into a cluster of three defenders, like a goddamn fool?  Why can we only score in brief little offensive bursts that punctuate long, long stretches of no offense at all?) 

Anyway, I was ready to call it a night.  Then I was like, ugh, I won't have anything to post tomorrow.  Do I make excuses?  Do I lie?  Do I just not post and hope no one notices?  And this is even being fully and completely aware that none of you actually give a shit.  But this is exactly why I was doing this, because it makes me accountable to myself, even if it's kinda dumb.  So I got out my laptop and sat up for another hour in bed and finished the section I was on.  And it was awesome, and I figured a character thing out that I think will be a big deal later on.

I have a lot of goals for today, since I don't go to work till 5pm.  Like most days I have grand goals, I will be happy if I complete one.  My goals are: to incorporate all the notes and edits to the Screenwriting Contest from reading it at writer's group Monday night; to write at least two more scenes on The Fall; to write at least the opening scene of my untitled zombie screenplay; to work on my Latin for the first time in two weeks.  If I'm feeling especially ambitious, I might go get my flu shot.
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The Orphan Queen: 29740 words --> Daily Total: 1033 words
Screenwriting Contest: 15 pages --> Daily Total: 4 pages --> Complete!

It's actually a lot of fun to write the beginning of a movie and not care at all about dealing with what you've set up.  Freedom!
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The Orphan Queen: 28707 words --> Technically, I only had a net gain of 286 words, but that's because I deleted and rewrote the end of Chapter One, finally (I hope) bringing to a conclusion my edits on that chapter.  I actually wrote 1015 words yesterday.  I would have managed more, but the library had been closed Thursday for in-service, and Friday the server was down because the physical thingys were being moved, so nothing could be checked in.  So yesterday I got to check in ALL THE BOOKS for the first half of the day.  It did make the day go quickly, though, being that busy, I'll give it that much.

I need to finish the screenwriting contest - which I'm actually having more fun with than my two original screenplays - so I can have it read at writer's group tomorrow and get feedback.  And maybe post it here, too? 
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Screenwriting Contest: 11 pages --> Daily Total: 4 pages

This is my weekend to work (we alternate, so barring weird scheduling things you work every fifth weekend), which means I'm working the next seven days straight.  So squeezing in time to write will become a bit more of a challenge, but I refuse to fail.  Refuse!

Now, squeezing in time to write, watch TV, and do landcomm challenges might be too much.  I already missed a [livejournal.com profile] fandomverse challenge, and even worse it was one I was kind of excited about.  Boo.  I'm starting to think I might need to drop a landcomm or two, though.  I already feel guilty just thinking about it, which is stupid, but there you go.
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Took a few days off the computer.  I need to do that every so often, more so the last year in this job, when I've been on the computer for eight straight hours.  I come home, and I don't really want to be on the computer anymore.

The interesting thing is that I suddenly haven't gotten a lot done.  It's not like the computer was masking these available super-productive home hours.  I just watched a lot of Community instead.

Day Eight
Screenwriting Contest: 7 pages --> Daily Total: 7 pages

Day Nine

The Fall: 12 pages --> Daily Total: 1 pages

I'm pretty proud of that single page I wrote yesterday.  I wrote it during staff inservice.  More specifically, I wrote it during a webinar entitled "Social Media Dos and Don'ts."  This thing, OMG.  First of all, it was an hour power point with a recorded podcast thingy talking about Facebook and Twitter, specifically using them at work for promotional purposes and stuff.  Except we're not allowed to use Facebook and Twitter at work.  Secondly, it was AN HOUR ABOUT USING FACEBOOK AND TWITTER.  So I had my little notebook and I wrote.  Now, don't take this to mean that I didn't pay attention to the webinar, because I am old hat at this.  I was able to pay attention so well I caught the two most hilarious things.

The first was an admonition to not use Internet Explorer, while we watched the entire presentation on Internet Explorer.  Those are the little things that bring me so much joy.  The second was the reminder that if a site isn't working for you, make sure to have your cookies on and your pop-blockers off.  At first, we all kind of thought it was a typo on the screen.  But then the recording caught up, and she told us like ten times to "turn off [our] pop-blockers."  It immediately became the new office meme.  Back at our branch, everyone was saying dumb things like, "I can't manage to open this can of pop.  Oh I forgot to turn my pop blocker off!"  I work in a place of incredibly sophisticated humor, btw.

The inservice did have other highlights.  We had a Red Cross seminar that was actually very educational and interesting, including the proper way to do the Heimlich, which I didn't know.  And we got free lunch!  That was pretty much the most exciting part of the day.  Is free lunch ever not exciting?
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The Orphan Queen: 28421 --> Daily Total: 915 words
The Fall: 11 pages --> Daily Total: 3 pages

I have a screenwriting contest I'm going to enter, because why not?  We were given a logline, and we're to write up to the first 15 pages of a movie based on that logline.  I'm not a huge fan of it, because (a) the only two characters are men, and (b) it's really limiting, but shit.  I can write 15 pages at least.  So I'm going to try and write the first scene of that today, and if I do, you'll see it tomorrow as Contest.

I've had this window open for ten minutes trying to think of something else to write, but I've got nothing.  I go to work, write, come home, write, watch TV, write, go to bed.  That's...pretty much it.  Sorry for being boring, yo.
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The Orphan Queen: 27506 --> Daily Total: 485 words

And did I write on my lunch break?  No.  No, I decided to read The Walking Dead instead.

In my defense, we had a departmental meeting yesterday, and I spent the evening having dinner with my Gamps and then at writer's group.  Still.  I need to get it together.

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