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Mar. 2nd, 2016 11:30 am
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Title: Conquest Ch. 4 - Fires
Specs: Babylon 5, John/Delenn, 6300 words
Rating: R
Notes: Conquest Ch.1, Ch.2, Ch.3

There were tears on his face, glimmering in the dying light of the fire. )
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Title: Anchor
Rating: PG
Specs: Babylon 5, John/Delenn, 7850 words
Disclaimer: Any dialogue from the show comes from JMS, not me.

Previous Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight

She wanted so much more than this. )
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Saw this meme today in attempting to begin to catch up on my flist maybe just a little.  I cheated a bit, in that I used the first two or three lines for a couple.  Also, this represents the first lines of the last few chapters from my novel, as I haven't been writing much - if any - fanfic lately.

1. JENNY ADAIR (17) never stops moving with a boundless, jittery energy from room to room.

2. I believe we've been here in Transoceanus for four months now?

3. JOHAN (V.O.) Heinrich, tell me a story.

4. Perhaps it was only a coincidence, but Hermann didn't think so.

5. Calisia was a charming little town northeast of Omitaqua, built on bluffs overlooking the ocean.

6. A clearing in the woods. Green, birds singing, like a poem or some shit. Daryl made it no further, dropping to his knees.

7. Evenfall Hall, like any castle in the Seven Kingdoms, was filled with many particular odors.

8. It had been their last night together in the wild, though of course neither knew it at the time.

9. The walls were thicker at the bottom than at the top, like an old pane of glass.

10. Shouts at the end of the corridor. Shouts that were coming their way. Claudia slid her right hand up her left bracer, drawing out the dagger there, spinning it free of the linen.

As far as writing goes, for the last year I've been writing primarily on my novel The Orphan Queen, as well as two screenplays.  Rewrites and edits on a screenplay I optioned last fall (my first option!), which is ostensibly being sent around to directors right now?  I don't know; I haven't heard from the producer who optioned it in about two months.  The other is a script that I started literally a decade ago, that the producer read and liked the concept of, but he had a lot of good notes and said that it felt a little dated.  And it totally did; even though my last rewrite of that script had been 2010, it's amazing how much technology's changed and such.  So I'm currently about two-thirds through a page-one rewrite of that one.  I've been pretty consistently writing every single day, and it's become so much of a habit that I don't even really think about it anymore.  It's like, what else would I be doing with my time?  It would be cool if something happened with the first screenplay (The Dead House, which I think I wrote about on here once upon a time), but that's just a bonus, and not the reason why I sit down and write.

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Title: I Hear a Symphony
Specs: Babylon 5, John/Delenn, 6400 words, spoilers through the end of S3
Rating: PG-13, for language and adult themes

“What did you see when we were on Babylon 4?” she whispered. “Did you see anything?” )
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Title: A Room in Harrenhal
Specs: Game of Thrones, Jaime/Brienne, 2200 words
Rating: PG

He had already seen all there was to see, and she would not pretend to be ashamed. )
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Sorry I've been incommunicado lately; I'm busting my ass trying to get this script done by Monday for the first of the competition deadlines.  Took a brief break today for a [ profile] tvrealm challenge, since I needed to clear my head a bit.  Will be catching up on my flist and replying to month-old PMs and posting again hopefully quite soon!

Read more... )
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Title: earth, water, wind, fire
Specs: Babylon 5, post-show, 3950 words
Rating: PG

Summary: The life-cycle of a tree.  A childhood.

It was odd, after all these years, having a house. )
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Title: Best Bros
Specs: John and Susan, implied John/Delenn, Babylon 5, 1700 words
Rating: PG

John lowered his head in defeat. “I feel like a teenage girl.” )
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Title: The Palliative Application of Hugs
Specs: Babylon 5, John/Delenn, mid-S4, 2000 words
Rating: PG

Why was Delenn an angry cactus? )
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Title: First Anniversary
Specs: Babylon 5, John/Delenn, 2600 words
Rating: PG

“Do you know what today is?” John asked, grinning up at her. )

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Title: Absofragginlutely, Dammit
Specs: Babylon 5, John/Delenn, 1400 words
Rating: PG for language
A/N: For [ profile] cartography

"It wasn't until he knew her for four years that John realized just how much Delenn loved cursing." )

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Title: Lacunae
Rating: PG
Specs: Babylon 5, John/Delenn, 11000 words
Disclaimer: Any dialogue from the show comes from JMS, not me.

Previous Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven

Chapter Eight: Lacunae )
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Title: Anathema
Specs: Babylon 5, John/Delenn, 8000 words
Rating: Rrrrrr
Previous Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven
A/N: I thought I'd finish posting last year's [ profile] hetbigbang before I started writing this year's.

Chapter Eight: Ra'faleth )

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Title: Anathema
Specs: Babylon 5, John/Delenn, 6000 words
Rating: R
Previous Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

Chapter Seven: An Interlude )

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Title: Back Home
Specs: Babylon 5, John/Delenn, 8600 words
Rating: PG
Previous Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine (Parts One and Two)

Read more... )
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Title: Life in a Glass House
Specs: Babylon 5, Susan and Delenn, 1600 words
Summary: Susan sees Delenn for the first time after the Chrysalis.

“Why didn't anyone tell me she was out?” she demanded. )

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Title: Alma Mater
Specs: Babylon 5, John/Delenn, 12150 words
Rating: PG
Previous Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Author's Note: So it's been a solid year since the last time I updated this.  Sorry about that.  I'm so glad I finally came back to it, though; I'm very happy with this chapter, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Chapter Nine: The Best Laid Plans )

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