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Every so often, maybe two or three times a year, Susan awakened after a dream about Talia.

There was little else to do but to get up, get dressed, and find something to do.  Tonight, she put on sweats and jogged the corridors of Blue.  No matter the time on the station, there were always crew on-duty, but it was usually a skeleton crew during the Hour of the Wolf, so Susan mostly had the halls to herself.

At first, she listened to music, but she got distracted by trying to time her footfalls to the rhythm of the song, so she shut it off.  Then she found herself thinking about her dream.  Talia as she had last seen her, snarling and cruel.  And they said to her, Ivanova, as the XO, it falls to you to administer sentence.  The traitor has been sentenced to death.  And they - amorphous, unknown - handed her an antique pistol.  Talia was dragged to a flat gray wall unlike any Susan had ever seen on B5.  Handcuffed, gagged, but her eyes shone with a virulent heat as Susan was compelled to raise the gun and aim....

Susan ran harder, she ran until her muscles ached and her breath tore in and out of her lungs.  Then she sprinted.

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